About my work

My creative passion is driven by an honest and pure love of the natural world that surrounds me.  I focus on creating pieces that are in harmony with nature and have the ability to create positive energy and inspiration for those who wear them.  With simple yet unique designs that are aesthetically pleasing, I aim to harness the energy found in the earth’s elements to empower each one of us in our life’s adventures.  

My work incorporates unique and unexpected pairings of design styles and materials.  For long we have known that crystals contain the power to heal, restore, inspire, protect, attract, bring peace and even transform our surroundings.  My hope is that the pieces I create provide a link to this natural energy and all the strength it encompasses.  Crystals such as quartz, agate, kyanite, aventurine and labradorite are just a few of the elements that can be found in my designs, alongside wood, silk and stainless steel.  In the end, each piece is finished with care using sterling silver and 14k gold findings.   

Whether or not one’s beliefs align with the energetic aspect, my wish is that each piece will serve to remind the wearer of her dreams, hopes and aspirations in life, and hopefully align her on the path to inspiration and achievement.