Labradorite Arrow

Labradorite Arrow


Truly stunning labradorite arrow complemented with sterling silver strung labradorite rounds. This one is a showstopper with its incredible blue, green and yellow flash. Only 3 available, all with amazing flash.

Labradorite is the stone of change and thus very useful to have when experiencing new stages in life and new beginnings. It is also a very protective stone as it brings light into your world and deflects unwanted energy and negative thoughts. Use labradorite when working with the heart and throat chakra.

Appropriate to wear day or night.

  • 20mm faceted labradorite arrow with sterling silver

  • 16” sterling silver strung labradorite faceted round chain

  • 2” of additional extension to allow for personal adjustment

  • Sterling silver findings

  • Comes gift ready with handmade cotton muslin bag

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